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Remind App

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Communication Tool for Parents/Guardians and Students of the Los Lunas Schools District.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Remind?
    A safe messaging App that keeps families informed with classroom and Los Lunas Schools information. LLS Educators can send messages to the entire class, small groups, individuals and parents/guardians.
  • Why is Los Lunas Schools using Remind?
    Los Lunas Schools is using Remind because it is a way to keep students and families current with information happening in the classroom, school and district. Teachers can message the entire class and parents/guardians for important information. School Administrators can easily communication information to the entire school community, inclusive of staff, students, and parents/guardians. Finally, the District can message the entire school community about important information. Los Lunas Schools decided to use one messaging platform so we are consisted throughout the district with our communication.
  • Do I have to download Remind to receive messages?
    No, there is no need to download the Remind App to receive and share messages, but you are more than welcome to download.
  • How does Remind know I am a student’s parent/guardian?
    Remind retrieves information from PowerSchool and associates student information with teacher and parent/guardian information. Every student has a student portal in PowerSchool, so every student automatically has a Remind account.
  • If my student does not have a phone, how are they to receive remind messages?
    Every student has access to download the Remind App on their iPad/MacBook. Students can log on through Clever to instantly log into Remind.
  • Who can send messages in Remind?
    School personnel can send messages to students, staff, and parents/guardians. Students and parents/guardians can only send messages to school personnel. Students cannot message one another through the LLS Remind account.
  • I have created a Remind account before, but am not receiving any school information.
    In your Remind account, ensure notifications are turned on. Click on your account information on the top left, and click on notifications. Make sure the bell icon is turned on to receive notifications.
  • How can I adjust my notifications?
    For instructions to adjust your notification preferences, click here.
  • I have never had a Remind account before, and I have not received any messages from Remind so far this year?
    Please contact your student’s school site and ensure contact information in PowerSchool is current. If everything is accurate, the school will inform our IT Department and an account will be created.
  • I am a parent of an LLS student or a member of the community and would like to receive Remind notifications.
    If you would like to opt-in to receive Remind messages, please click here.
  • I do not have a child that attends LLS, but am still receiving messages. How can I opt out of Remind?
    Opting out of receiving messages is easy! Please click here to learn how to opt out of receiving LLS school messages.
  • Please click here for more information about Remind.